Things you Must know before a Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui is a Healing art. It is supposed to inspire, transform, help and help our clients to accomplish their targets. I do not think it was ever meant to instill fear, make people uncomfortable in their own houses or fear about changes they make. And yet, that is just what I have been seeing recently.

A case in point: On a Recent trip to a customer I was dismayed to enter a gorgeous condominium unit and find complete and absolute lack of focus to the house. By lack of focus, it had clearly not been cleaned in a really long time as the dirt was built up on all; the whole unit was littered with items lining both the furniture and sofas. The kitchen went unused and it was nearly impossible to step into the bedroom as a result of debris and clothes all over the floor. Something had gone horribly wrong and we cleared off a space on the ground to sit down and talk about her life and issues.

She was an Intelligent, beautiful accomplished individual who had been a model and a singer in a band and was currently on disability because of recent accident. She said that many years ago she had not found the correct partner and had called a feng shui consultation for some help and ideas on her relationship difficulties. The consultant pointed out problem after problem with the design of her house, with her toilet, with the direction of the front door–the list goes on. In a nutshell, she had been told by the adviser to proceed, this formerly beautiful condo would never support her nor would she have good luck while she lived there.


Flash forward to today and my visit. She’d given up she said; what was the purpose? She did not have the money to move and really believed there was nothing she can do to help improve her lifestyle. Powerful and absolutely devastating words from someone she went to for ideas and inspiration. Her mindset was and was distress. She had friends over, certainly had not even opened herself up to the possibility of a connection and was having a series of misfortunate accidents. She’d given up on her house and her life.

Trying to change her mindset after so many years was a daunting task. I showed her all of the great points in her house and gave her simple, cheap things she can do to alter the energy, beginning with cleaning up and getting rid of the mess. I addressed every room with a positive viewpoint and if something was not politically Feng Shui right, showed her easy things to change it.

Sadly, I have been seeing this more and more in my consultations. While I genuinely believe in the many procedures to use Feng Shui, I’m always mindful to do no harm. Yet I’m finding client after client that has been told their front door faced the wrong direction, the measures in the middle of the house would mean constant health problems and everything negative while only providing their customers with expensive techniques such as renovations or telling them the home would not ever support them whatsoever.

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